About Us

History of Manpower in Pakistan.

As one of the most populous country of the world, Pakistan has a variety of human resources in a abundances. The 65% of over 180 million population of the country is in 15 to 35 years of age group. The terrible unemployment ratio makes a large segment of the society eager to work in any country of the world where a reasonable and legal earning is possible. The concentrated efforts of the present government in production of skilled manpower has accelerated the process of technical training and education through short courses and diplomas in computer, electronics, electrical, plumbing, machinery and a wide range of other technical walks.

Latif Manpower Services, is an in-time response to the increasing cost of manpower in the developed and industrial world and plenty of manpower available in Pakistan.
Why You Select Pakistani Manpower ?
Organizations, with experience of working with Pakistani workers, appreciate the following features of Pakistan
Potential in Pakistani Manpower.
Physically, Pakistani Laborers are Taller, stronger and Active.
Intellectually they are sharp and intelligent.
Morally, they are honest, responsible and hardworking.
Financially, they are economical.

Wide range of job
As we receive your demand, our data base section comes into action. From a wide range of million of jobs seekers and through advertisement in media, our selection committee arranges tests and interviews for post, where skill, education and training is involve.
All efforts are being made to arrange physically fit, academically qualified and generally most appropriate candidates for our clients

Latif Manpower Services, assures you with a money back guarantee to pay all the expenses of the process if a candidate is found academically, skill wise or medically unfit during the probation period of three months.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exploit international job market and bring good name for our beloved country, Pakistan by Providing the most selected, well mannered, intelligent, hardworking and economic manpower.

The services of Latif Manpower Services, renowned Manpower Employment Agency of Pakistan, include the highest level of professionalism. For the last 10 years, our Manpower Agency has been contributing to the nation's growth and development through the export of highly talented and worthy manpower from the Pakistan.